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Ben Britain

Ben brought his son in for class, and before he knew it, his entire family was enrolled in taekwondo.

Jack Williamson

Jack started taekwondo when he was 4 years old. He is now 16 and has been going to class multiple times a week.

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer has four kids enrolled in our program, and they are becoming leaders and gaining confidence.

Kia Kaulback

Kia has three children enrolled in our school. Our program has helped her kids learn how to focus.

Rodney Fredericks

Rodney is a student and is a parent of a student at our school. He has gotten into much better shape since he began.

Rebecca Wozniak

Rebecca’s son is seven and has really absorbed and implemented what he has learned here into his everyday life.

Karl Lauffer

Karl originally signed his daughter up but then decided to join himself and is now an instructor at our school.

Sarah Gasaway

Sarah came in for a Groupon and enjoyed Kickboxing so much she decided to stick with it.

Scott & Tolin

Scott and his son Tolin are both students at our school. Watch Tolin break a board at the end!