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Kids Martial Arts

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Enroll your children in the kids martial arts program that gives them successful tools for everyday life.

You will be amazed at the life lessons your child will learn in our kids martial arts class that will help them succeed in life.

From self-discipline to goal setting and self-respect, the kids that emerge from our kids martial arts program are changed for the better, and their parents couldn’t be any happier. To a Caring Parent, Hi, Jason Strong here, owner of ATA Karate Denver. I’d like to take a moment to tell you the stories of five kinds of kids that have been through my kids martial arts program time and time again. Then, I’d like to discuss with you exactly how my program transformed their lives and how it can transform the life of your child too, not to mention the overwhelming joy their parents got from seeing their incredible transformations in action.

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Story #1: The ADD Kid

Cody had a very hard time sitting still in the classroom. His teachers had always just thought of him as the ‘wild child’. The other students in his classes would get distracted by him, causing the entire classroom to have trouble focusing on learning. He was very smart, but just could not focus his attention on any task at hand. If only there was a way for him to focus all of his intense energy into doing one thing at a time.

Kids Martial Arts with ADD
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Story #2: Easy Going

This is another story of a very smart child, Samantha. She had a very hard time applying herself to anything, at school or at home. It turned out that she was too easy going. She enjoyed many things, but wasn’t truly passionate enough to work any harder than she felt she needed to. And as a result, her grades suffered. What she really needed was something that could awaken the potential and passion within her.

Story #3: Repeating Instructions

Eric never did anything he was told to do the first time he was asked. It typically took multiple attempts to make him do anything: from homework and walking the dog, even to brushing his teeth and going to bed. His parents were constantly spending their valuable time and energy just to get him to do simple things. Eric’s parents needed a way to make him become a better listener.

Karate for Kids with ADHD
Kids Martial Arts in Centennial Colorado

Story #4: The Shy Kid

Peter was a shy kid that got picked on from time to time by the school bully. Whenever he got home from school he would go straight to his room. He didn’t have very many friends he could hang out with either. His parents looked for anything that could raise his confidence, both in school and in life.

Story #5: The Kid Who Can Do It All

Jeremy was the athlete and the kid that the parents never has any issues with. He was a good kid and could do many things, but just hadn’t found his passion yet. Jeremy picked up sports and other activities really fast and then lost interest for no apparent reason. Martial arts may be the solution for him.

Sometimes these kids won’t enroll because they think martial arts is only for the kids that are having challenges. Not true! The Jeremys of the world will benefit greatly not only from the exercise and other challenges that martial arts has to offer, but sometimes these are the kids who want to give something back and help others. They may be our future instructors and helpers.

Kids Martial arts for athletic kids



The Solution

Even though Cody, Samantha, Eric, Peter, and Jeremy are fictional, their stories are all based off of very real and common situations. I hear stories like these every day, and I am always thrilled when I get the opportunity to transform the lives of kids like these. You see, our kid’s martial arts program is about solutions to the above problems and more.

I only have good things to say, this dojang has been amazing for my family, for my kids. They’ve made friendships that will probably last forever. Kia K.

Parent of three students

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After a few weeks of our kids martial arts program, you will start seeing your child transform in the following ways:

Kids Martial Arts Centennial Colorado

1) A Clear Focus

In our classes, we always focus on one task at a time, and never move on until that task is complete. For younger kids, or for kids with ADD or ADHD, they may only focus on a task for 30 seconds, but for that 30 seconds, their focus is only on one item.

We work at their own pace, and the better the kids get at focusing, the longer we have them focus on a task. Eventually, the kids will be able to focus on just one or two activities in an entire session, and stay focused the entire time!

Before you know it, this level of focus will be seen at home as well. They’ll be able to better focus on their homework, their chores, and even with you, their parents! Anything they put their mind to they will be able to complete like never before.

2) Determination for Success

In your child’s very first session with us, they will start to learn how to set goals and will receive tips on accomplishing those goals. The more goals they set their minds to, the more ambitious they become.

That is why starting goal setting at a young age is extremely helpful. Goal setting is an important aspect for anybody’s life, and the younger they start, the more natural it will be for them when they get older.

They will learn how completing goals brings fulfillment and respect, and completing challenges will become fun for them.

They will go on to live wonderful, fulfilling lives.

Kids Martial Arts Centennial Colorado
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3) Establishing Respect

After just a few short weeks, your child will have more confidence and respect for others.

In our Kids Martial Arts class, we teach all of our students to show respect to anyone they meet and interact with. This starts with looking people in the eye when they are being spoken to. This shows that they are listening and paying attention.

After just a few short weeks, your kids will be doing this at home, in school, and anywhere else they might be. Parents and teachers are often in disbelief at how much this simple lesson can cause so much influential change.

4) Elevated Self-Confidence

When it comes to facing school bullies, students who have been through my kids martial arts program have the confidence to look their bullies in the eye and stand their ground.

More often than not, when a bully is confronted this way, it will be the bully that backs down, not the other way around! Typically, bullies feed off of fear and low self-esteem, and anyone with martial arts training knows how to conquer their fear.

Soon your child will be the one that no one wants to mess with, but everyone wants to hang out with.

Karate for Kids at ATA Family Martial Arts

Most importantly, they’ll have tons of fun

Kids really love martial arts. Not only do they get to make a lot of new friends, but martial arts is a great outlet for their seemingly limitless energy. What other way will your kids be able to build confidence, make friends, get healthy, and have tons of fun at the same time? And if your child happens to be overweight, our kids martial arts program will help them to quickly get healthy. The healthier your kids are at a younger age, the risk of future health problems lowers significantly.

The benefits that your child will get from our Kids Martial Arts Program is almost limitless

But rather than just hearing it from me, take a moment to listen in on what many satisfied parents have to say… (to watch the full length testimonials, please visit our Video Gallery page.)

Scott & Tolin



It is results like those above that truly put a smile on my face. It truly is an honor for me to assist your children in growing into confident, respectful adults. If you still have any questions, feel free to call us, or just simply check out the FAQ’s below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will martial arts make my kids violent?

No! When we are teaching kids how to kick and punch, we always stress that violence is not the answer. We teach them these moves for self-defense purposes, and to increase their overall strength and flexibility. We also teach our students to treat others how they would want to be treated. This builds respect for all living things, from their parents to their pets. More often than not, kids who tended towards violence before they enrolled into our class have changed and learned that non-violence is the key. Martial arts is a way of life that focuses on inner peace and never on violence.

What if my child is not athletic and has never done well at team sports?

It is fairly common for kids who do not enjoy team sports to try out and fall in love with martial arts.

That’s because martial arts is structured to go at your own pace. They get encouragement and motivation from others in their classes, but they are never forced into doing something that they are not yet comfortable with.

Plus, team sports can actually be harmful for kids who are not athletic or for kids with low self-esteem. If they don’t perform well, they can get picked on and teased, which often only lowers their already low self-esteem and can leave them scarred and intimidated.

Our environment is always friendly and welcoming to everyone. There will always be those kids that advance faster than others, but everyone at our school is valued equally.

Will martial arts teach my child something they will be proud of?

Absolutely. Martial arts is a valuable skill in life, and the kids that stick with it are always very proud to have done so. Plus, martial arts is very exciting to watch, which gives your kid something cool to show off to their friends.

What is an appropriate age for my kids to start martial arts?

We start teaching martial arts to kids that are 3 years old. Anybody older than 3 is more than welcome to join, and we have separate programs for different age groups to ensure that everyone starts at the appropriate level.

Will my child get injured?

More often than not, the kids enrolled in my martial arts program can go for years without ever receiving a single injury. Our instructors pay very close attention to detail when it comes to safety in our classes. We have padded floors and always use the proper gear. We also provide step-by-step safety instructions to help ensure that everyone trains safely. Injuries do occur from time to time, but the injuries are no different than injuries received in playing team sports such as baseball. I cannot guarantee that your child won’t get injured, but I can tell you that injures are rare. We take our safety very seriously.

Can my daughter enroll in your classes?

Yes!! We encourage both girls and boys to learn martial arts. This is something that anyone can do, and there are often just as many girls in our classes as there are boys. The girls in our classes are just as tough as the boys… and sometimes they are even tougher! So you do not need to worry about your daughter getting hurt or feeling left out just because she’ll be practicing with boys.

Will my child stick with the program?

I have heard many stories of parents struggling to get their kids to their appointments and lessons on time. How many times have you told your kids ‘Hurry up or we’ll be late’? Typically, this is not the case for martial arts. In fact, I very often hear how it is the kids that are yelling those things to their parents! They don’t want to be late and miss out on anything that we do. I have even known parents to offer martial arts as a reward to their kids for getting their chores and homework done, which can be a great motivational push for them as well. This happens because your kids will have a blast. They’ll be laughing and smiling throughout every class. And because we set obtainable goals, they’ll want to stick with the program. It will become a big part of your child’s life and they won’t ever want to quit.




Of course, like with everything in life, martial arts is not for everyone.

9 times out of 10, parents discover that martial arts is just the thing that has been missing from their child’s life. But in the situation where martial arts is not a good fit…

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


If you think that martial arts is not right for your kid after a few classes, let us know and we will happily refund you in full.*

* Money back guarantee only applies to our Special Web Offer.

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We’re totally very happy and we would recommend all our friends to put their children in and see the difference. Hoori A.

Parent of two students

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