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From self-discipline to goal setting and self-respect, the kids that emerge from our kids martial arts program are changed for the better, and their parents couldn’t be any happier. To a Caring Parent, Hi, Jason Strong here, owner of ATA Karate Denver. I’d like to take a moment to tell you the stories of five kinds of kids that have been through my kids martial arts program time and time again. Then, I’d like to discuss with you exactly how my program transformed their lives and how it can transform the life of your child too, not to mention the overwhelming joy their parents got from seeing their incredible transformations in action. To view each child’s story, put your mouse over their photo.

Story #1: The ADD Kid

Cody had a very hard time sitting still in the classroom. His teachers had always just thought of him as the ‘wild child’. The other students in his classes would get distracted by him, causing the entire classroom to have trouble focusing on learning. He was very smart, but just could not focus his attention on any task at hand. If only there was a way for him to focus all of his intense energy into doing one thing at a time.

Story #2: Easy Going

This is another story of a very smart child, Samantha. She had a very hard time applying herself to anything, at school or at home. It turned out that she was too easy going. She enjoyed many things, but wasn’t truly passionate enough to work any harder than she felt she needed to. And as a result, her grades suffered. What she really needed was something that could awaken the potential and passion within her.

Story #3: Repeating Instructions

Eric never did anything he was told to do the first time he was asked. It typically took multiple attempts to make him do anything: from homework and walking the dog, even to brushing his teeth and going to bed. His parents were constantly spending their valuable time and energy just to get him to do simple things. Eric’s parents needed a way to make him become a better listener.

Story #4: The Shy Kid

Peter was a shy kid that got picked on from time to time by the school bully. Whenever he got home from school he would go straight to his room. He didn’t have very many friends he could hang out with either. His parents looked for anything that could raise his confidence, both in school and in life.

Story #5: The Kid Who Can Do It All

Sometimes kids won’t enroll because they think martial arts is only for the kids that are having challenges. Not true! The Jeremys of the world will benefit greatly not only from the exercise and other challenges that martial arts has to offer, but sometimes these are the kids who want to give something back and help others. They may be our future instructors and helpers.

The Solution

Even though Cody, Samantha, Eric, Peter, and Jeremy are fictional, their stories are all based off of very real and common situations. I hear stories like these every day, and I am always thrilled when I get the opportunity to transform the lives of kids like these. You see, our kid’s martial arts program is about solutions to the above problems and more.