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Go all out this year for your kids birthday!!

Give your child the birthday party that they've always wanted! Their friends will be talking about it for weeks to come!

birthday parties

Birthday Parties at ATA Karate Denver are much, much more than simply just dropping the kids off and letting them go nuts for the next few hours.

Our Birthday Parties are fun, engaging, structured events that are tons of fun for everyone participating… even the parents!

Your Child’s Next Birthday Party Package Includes:

Basic Party Package

  • 45 minutes of martial arts, games and instruction
  • 20 minutes food
  • Birthday child gets to cut the cake with a sword
  • 25 minutes of final games/wrap up

Extreme Party Package

  • 45 minutes of martial arts, games and instruction
  • 20 minutes food (cups, plate, napkins, forks included)
  • 2 slices of pizza and juice or water
  • Birthday child gets to cut the cake with a sword
  • 25 minutes of final games/wrap up
  • Birthday child receives school t-shirt
  • Party theme can be modified to include Nerf Wars or Board Breaking

Your child will be featured front and center!

They’ll feel like a total champ!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • We will teach your child and all of their friends some basic martial arts moves with your kid at the head of the class, teaching the moves alongside the instructor.
  • Your child will break a board in front of all of their friends, but only if they have reached this point in their training.
  • Their friends will be blown away at how much they’ve learned… and at how much fun it was to learn! They’ll be talking about their experience for weeks to come, and many of their friends might even start signing up for our martial arts class as well!
  • Your child will leave the party feeling accomplished and satisfied. The positive feedback and energy that they will receive from their friends will reinforce their passion for martial arts and will also help boost their confidence and self-esteem! They’ll really be able to see just how far they’ve come in their training through the compliments of their friends.

“This deal sounds great! How much does it cost?”

For just an hour and a half of fun for your kid and a dozen or so of his or her friends, you could easily pay upwards of $600 dollars just about anywhere else, and nowhere else offers constant supervision like we do!

So call today and schedule your kid’s next birthday party for just $249 ($75 deposit to book the party)! That price includes up to 30 of their friends, with an additional $10 for each additional child.

Once again, for just $249, the basic package includes:

  • An hour and a half of completely supervised fun and games
  • Martial arts lessons for all participants
  • No cleaning up after it is all said and done!

All you need to do is go home when the party is over. You can leave the rest to us.

A Quick Warning…

Our parties are EXTREMELY popular! Many kids have on average not just one, but 2-4 of their birthday parties with us! Our dates and available times fill up really quickly, so if you are planning to have a party with us, please book it in advance so you can be sure to give your child and all of their friends the perfect party!

Call us TODAY to schedule your child’s next big birthday event!