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ATA Karate Denver Event Calendar

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We host a number of exciting community events at our Highlands Ranch and Lone Tree, Colorado martial arts studios. You can also browse our calendar for our martial arts belt testing days and other events.

Did You Know?

We present to your group. Our Bully Prevention, Child Safety Training and Journey of the Steal-Proof Master presentations are geared specifically for kids groups of all ages. Scroll below to learn more!

Or, get our speaker packet with complete information.


Topics for kids of all ages: Stranger danger, bully prevention, child safety.

We Present to YOUR Group

ATA Family Martial Arts can present to your group. We tailor our presentations to the age group being presented to.

Journey Of The Steal-Proof Master

This Stranger Danger educational adventure takes children on a journey where a wizard and his two apprentices introduce the children to the Ten Evil Warriors (lures). Children are taught to recognize the tricks used by child predators that want only to cause them harm. This exciting and fun, yet powerful program is backed by a forty minute fantasy adventure video, Journey of the Steal-Proof Master™ that is a self-educating course in itself. The video educates while it entertains.

The “Steal-Proof Master” is a unique program that offers valuable education in a fun to learn way.

Click here to learn more regarding this award winning program.

We Present To Your Group!

Our Speaker Packet contains a summary of the topics we cover, as well as complete contact information if you’d like to schedule a speaking session.

Kidz’n Power™ Child Safety Training

Abduction Prevention through Kidz ‘n Power and Songahm Taekwondo

The safety education offered in Kidz ‘n Power is an incredible tool that helps ensure children stay out of harm’s way, and gives them the techniques and confidence to escape a potentially dangerous situation. In partnership with, we offer free Child Abduction Awareness and Self Defense seminars proven to help make kids safer! Kidz’n Power picks up where Journey Of The Steal Proof Master leaves off by providing training for the physical self-defense and much more including 911 training, Magic Word, Fire Escape training, Drug Danger, and Gang Avoidance.

Empower your kids today by visiting our Kidz’n Power page, events schedule, or by calling to inquire about enrollment in the next Kidz ‘n Power seminar.

Kidz’n Power™ Bully Prevention Program

Children and Adults of every age, gender and race are vulnerable to bullying behavior. With bullying behavior at an all-time high, it’s important we all work together as a community to minimize the risk of danger to our children.

Please join us for our FREE ATA Kidz’nPower Bullying Prevention Seminar. The event is based on the nation’s #1 program – the Olweus Bullying Prevention Group and all in attendance will learn:

  • What to do when you are a victim of bullying
  • What you as a parent need to do to help your child if they are a victim of bullying
  • What to do if bullying turns to violence
  • How you can help others who are victims of bullying behavior

For more information call (720) 344-3030. I look forward to seeing you soon!

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