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How Kids with Asthma Can Still Benefit from Martial Arts

Having asthma can really affect one’s daily life. For kids, there are multiple levels of concern since they’re still growing in so many ways. If your son or daughter has
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Easy Ideas For Acts of Kindness

1. Set an alarm to go off at three times this week. When the alarm sounds, stop what you’re doing and call/text/email/or compliment someone you’re with and tell them how awesome
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Random Acts of Kindness Challenge

Something that many people might not think of when trying to find ways to empower themselves is raise their self-esteem and confidence through acts of kindness. Helping others can make
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Bringing in February With Words of Empowerment

February. The month of love. With Valentine’s Day coming up, you’re sure to hear about all of the different ways to spoil those you love. But what about the person
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How to Spend a Snow Day in Highlands Ranch

Woohoo! The Douglas County School District has cancelled school today, so now there is only one question that remains: how do you spend your day? We’ve put together a list
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This One’s All About Fitness: Tips and Tricks

As many of you are now probably aware, fitness is going to play a major role in the current cycle at ATA Karate Denver. It’s probably pretty obvious why there