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7 Challenges To Master and Use To Defeat Bullying Today

Bullying is happening in epidemic proportions in schools, on the playground, in the work place and almost everywhere else! Some eye-opening statistics. 1 out of 4 kids are bullied. 43%
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Fake It Til You Make It: Martial Arts Style!

I started officially training in martial arts in September 1994. So, at this writing, it has been over 20 years of martial arts training for me. I bought my school
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More on one woman's journey through the martial arts to take back her life! An amazing story of how Taekwondo helps her remain calm, build courage, strength, and more.
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One mom's take on why the family decided to join and start taking Taekwondo classes along with the younger daughter. It's therapeutic, fitness, self defense, and more!
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Child Safety

Child Safety – The Journey of The Steal-Proof Master

The Journey of The Steal Proof Master child safety class designed to teach kids how to handle a would be abductor, presents the 10 most common lures used by an
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Child Safety – The Gift Giver Evil Warrior (Lure)

When it comes to child safety should kids accept gifts from grown-ups without their parent’s permission? No! As adults we know this. It’s an easy decision. But, sometimes it gets