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How to Teach Kids About Compassion

Two nights ago, Mr. Woodward talked to us about how we can be more compassionate, not just in martial arts, but out in the world. Huffpost has some excellent ideas

Calling All Cherry Lovers!

I realize that this post is a bit out there, but hang with me. All of the grocery stores have started to put out cherries. First off, yay, because cherries
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Karate Denver and the Community We’ve Built

This past week in our community has been an especially difficult week but we’re proud of how our ATA family has come together to give back. When you join Karate
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How Taekwondo Helps Me With My Depression

This is me and my kiddo. I look pretty normal for the most part, right? Ok, don’t answer that. But would you know looking at me that I have bi-polar
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Bullying and Martial Arts: The Healthy Answer to Big Problem

(First Taekwondo) You send you child off to school or play without giving it a second thought, but next to parents’ fears of having a child kidnapped, there’s a cruel
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Fitness Tips Every Working Mom Must Try

Why Every Working Mom Feels Short On Time Most Of The Time. Working moms struggle with a lack of time more than most people do. From getting the kids ready for daycare