What Should You Expect in a Taekwondo Class?

A question that we often get asked by potential students is, “What happens in a Taekwondo class?”

I’ll tell you what happens… you become awesome!

What you can expect in a Karate Denver class

There’s a wide variety of things that happens in a Taekwondo class, but all-in-all we develop your mind and spirit while strengthening your body using patterns and repeated punching and kicking techniques.

Just like any other sport, Taekwondo training sessions require a good warm up prior to the actual workout. So every class usually begins with either a light jog and several sets of jumping jacks, to get everybody’s blood flowing.

You will also do a lot of core and ab exercises. Developing your muscles in this part of your body helps to improve your balance, which is a very important part of improving your kicking technique as well; the more balance you have, the easier it will be for you to execute kicks, especially in a fast paced sparring session.

Be Prepared to Get Called Out for Breaking the Rules

Taekwondo culture promotes constant self improvement. In order to have newer students develop better discipline, disciplinary actions (such as extra jumping jacks or pushups) are regularly given out to students for violating any rules or regulations.

Needless to say, all students are constantly on their toes to give their best effort at all times. You may feel uncomfortable with this at first, but keep at it. You will be surprised by how much you will improve yourself in a student in the following months.

Expect a Good Work Out, and Expect to be Exhausted

After a good Taekwondo class or training session, you can almost always expect to be tired, if not down right exhausted. This Martial Arts puts a lot of emphasis on kicking techniques, and really involves a lot of cardiovascular activity. So unless you have conditioned your body with years of Taekwondo training, I can guarantee you that your muscles, especially your leg muscles, will be sore the next morning. As you continue your Taekwondo training, you can expect to burn a lot of calories. This means you can expect to see changes in your physique as well, with a particular emphasis on fat burning, and development of lean muscles.

So there you have it. This is what it’s like to attend your average Taekwondo class. For those who have never participated in any kind of Martial Arts before, you are in for the workout of your life. You will be challenged both physically and mentally, but if you don’t give up, you’ll become a much stronger person because of Taekwondo.


We’d love to have you come in for a free trial class to see if it’s right for you! We’re also running an amazing summer special right now which it’s not too late to take advantage of. Come on in and let’s get down to business!


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