How Kids with Asthma Can Still Benefit from Martial Arts

Having asthma can really affect one’s daily life. For kids, there are multiple levels of concern since they’re still growing in so many ways. If your son or daughter has asthma and your family is unsure of what types of physical activities might be a good match, martial arts can be a good option.

Consult Medical Professionals

Asthma is a long-term illness, but one that can be managed if given the appropriate tools and information. Since everyone may experience asthma differently, it’s recommended that you regularly consult with a professional. It could be smart to visit a respiratory therapist so as to keep on top of anymore breathing problems that could develop. This way, you can have direct access to someone knowledgeable whenever you have questions regarding your child’s asthma and level of physical activity.

Indoor vs Outdoor Activities

While fresh air is wonderful and getting exposed to the sun for small periods of time can be healthy, people with asthma often have concerns regarding exercising outside. Depending on the time of year, pollen and other airborne particles can trigger respiratory problems. In many metropolitan areas, there are also issues with pollution. When you add on the unpredictability of the weather, relying on outdoor exercise can sometimes be difficult. One of the advantages of martial arts is that it’s not weather-dependent, as soccer or baseball might be, and it takes place indoors, away from external allergens. Whether a class is happening in the winter or summer, the temperature of the martial arts studio will be consistent.

The Focus on Discipline and Confidence Can Help

Martial arts certainly has a physical component, but it’s also a mental activity. Martial arts requires concentration, focus, and discipline in addition to strength and stamina. It’s been shown to boost cognition and attention, two things which can benefit everyone. For kids who may be nervous about their abilities because they’ve been dealing with asthma, finding success in martial arts can be a huge benefit. This success can be a great signal that they can achieve anything they put their minds to, hopefully leading to an increase in confidence.

Physical activity is still possible for your child, even if they have asthma. With martial arts, children can get stronger and fitter while gaining mental aptitude. It’s a great way to exercise and develop in various areas, and kids are sure to have fun at the same time.

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