My First Taekwondo Test

My first taekwondo test has come and passed and I wanted to share what my experience was as an adult white belt. I got up bright and early, slightly exhausted from going over my forms until late in the night! Upon arrival to the studio, I discovered that there was a packed house and my nerves were even higher than I thought they would be.

We were lined up and began warm-ups. I was surprised to discover that we would be doing 100 jumping jacks, planks, sit-ups, and more. I had thought we would just show up, go through our forms, and call it good. I’m pretty sure that I got a more intense work-out in than I normally do in class!

After warm-ups, we were called up in small groups to go through everything we had been working on over the last few weeks. Before it felt like it had even started, it was over. Immediate relief washed over me until we had to wait for our names to be called to come forward and receive our new belt. Would anyone NOT make it? As it turned out, we all did very well and were able to advance in rank. I’m now excited for the next testing session instead of freaked out by it which is so great!

first taekwondo test

Something I discovered while googling last night, was that a lot of students search for “first taekwondo test” to learn about what to expect. I took a few of my favorite excerpts and listed them below.

In my mind, it was hysterical, nerve-racking, uncomfortable and awesome!

I was a white belt…at twenty-four years old. Most people I talk to start going to dojos when they’re really young and here I am waltzing in here without a clue, but a lot of heart.

As a result of my age, the only other white belts testing were these three tiny, little, bitty kids who stood in the line in front of me. It’s probably the only time I’ve felt like the Incredible Hulk at 5′4″.

I was nervous because I had never seen a test before and had no idea what to expect. Also, you start to have the crazy thoughts. “How am I going to show the techniques? I can’t partner with any of these little white belts! That’d be down right unethical!”

It’s uncomfortable because at our studio, the beginner and intermediate belts all test together. Since you’re a white belt and don’t know as many techniques, you just stand there at attention. You want to wipe the sweat away, you want to shift the weight on your feet, and you never realize how much discipline it takes to not move.

I was confident in my abilities though because I had been going to class everyday for weeks. I knew the techniques inside and out and was ready to embrace some new color.

Not only did I pass, but my Master awarded me “Most Outstanding”! It was such a good feeling. I was proud of my accomplishment and I’m looking to going as far as I can in this sport.

Heidi Gray

My first belt test was a long time back.

I was a white belt appearing for a yellow stripe along with my siblings and few other friends.

I remember not feeling nervous. I knew the Tuls by heart, I was good with my kicks, punches, blocks.

What I do vividly remember is that at the end of the test, everybody was asked to say the Taekwondo oath. Over the years, the focus on the oath was always there.

And boy, when I got the yellow stripe it felt like I had a third dan black belt in my hands.

I was super pumped up.

Gunjan Negi

If you’ve tested before, let us know in the comments how your first taekwondo test went. If you’re reading this because you are about to take your first taekwondo test, know that we are all rooting for you to succeed!

Jolene Rheault

Jolene works as a marketing professional but full-time as a mom. She lives in Highlands Ranch, CO with her 7-year-old son, husband, 2 cats, and a bearded dragon named Jerry.

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