How Do I Get My Kid to Stick With Karate?

How do I get my kid to stick with Karate? We hear this a lot! If you’re a parent, you know how fickle children can be when they take up a new extracurricular activity. You’ve seen the great impact that taekwondo has on your child, and you might be wondering if there’s a way to get them to stick with it. Let’s break down some strategies to help your child to stick with their decision to take taekwondo.

1. Ask them why they don’t want to go.

get my kid to stick with karate

More often than not, there’s a reason why they don’t want to go. Recently, I ran into this with my son and it turned out that because he was the shortest kid in class, he was always put in the front row. He had a hard time understanding the moves because he didn’t have someone in front of him to watch. We had him moved to the back row and now he’s happy to be going to class again, easy fix!

2. They are burned out.

Are you attending multiple classes a week? Maybe they are feeling burned out, it happens to the best of us! Try cutting down one session to see if that helps to improve things.

get my kid to stick with karate

3. They’ve forgotten why it was fun in the first place.

There was a spark that got your child interested and intrigued in martial arts at the beginning. Find that spark and reignite it. It may be just the push they need.

4. They’ve lost interest completely.

get my kid to stick with karate

If your child was the one who asked for the lessons, this may be a great time for a lesson in obligations and responsibility. Explain that they committed to doing taekwondo for a certain length of time and that when that time has passed, you can revisit the topic.

If you pushed them into taking the lessons (hey, it happens!), take what the child is saying to heart. It’s great for children to try different activites but if it’s truly not up their alley, don’t force them to keep taking lessons.

Do you have other strategies to help kids stick to activities or sports that they signed up for? We’ve love to hear about it below!

Jolene Rheault

Jolene works as a marketing professional but full-time as a mom. She lives in Highlands Ranch, CO with her 7-year-old son, husband, 2 cats, and a bearded dragon named Jerry.

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