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Child Safety Gift Giver

When it comes to child safety should kids accept gifts from grown-ups without their parent’s permission? No! As adults we know this. It’s an easy decision. But, sometimes it gets really confusing for kids to understand who can they accept gifts from. For many kids the world is black and white. We as parents and educators have to help them understand the shades of gray. In our child safety class we talk about which grown ups they can accept gifts from. They would be:

  • Parents
  • Grand parents
  • Aunts/Uncles
  • Cousins
  • Brothers/Sisters
  • Maybe a really close friend of the family

However, we need to help our kids understand who should be an automatic and who would raise questions if they offered them a gift. We also should talk about what kinds of gifts might raise questions.

What grown ups should they never accept gifts from:

  • Grown ups they don’t know
  • Grown ups you have not introduced them to
  • Basically anyone considered a stranger
  • Who else can you think of?

Then the question becomes, how should they respond? We tell the kids to use their intuition. It is their warning system and it’s there to help them steer away from danger. When they get that funny feeling in their stomach, they should listen to it and take them selves out of danger by finding a parent or other trusted adult and telling them of the situation.

Make sure you educate your kids on accepting gifts and that they have a clear picture within your guidelines.

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Stan Shields

Stan N. Shields is a 6th Degree Black Belt, three-time world champion, and has been teaching martial arts to kids and adults for over 23 years. You can contact him directly at

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