Child Safety – The Journey of The Steal-Proof Master

One of the child safety programs we offer is called The Journey of The Steal Proof Master. This program presents the 10 most common lures used by child abductors and how to respond. It’s presented in a way that is fun for kids, which in turn makes it easier for them to learn it.

Hopefully, they will remember it better and use it if ever needed. It’s based around fantasy, which allows kids to use their imagination. The 10 most common lures are represented by the 10 evil warriors. We want kids to learn that it is not how a person may look, it’s based more on their actions. An abductor may look safe, friendly and cool, but what are their actions telling you?

When Friendly is TOO Friendly

“Friendly” is the character trait used by some grown ups to lure kids away – by being very friendly. Although it’s good for adults to be friendly, kids have to be careful with over friendly adults.

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In the film “The Journey of the Steal Proof Master”, Eldrid (The Wizard) taught Grimbold and Silver (his young apprentices) that although most grown-ups are nice, they must keep their distance from grown-ups who approach them when they are not with a parent or trusted adult, even if they are acting friendly.

Picture This Child Safety Scenario

A stranger approaches a child who is visibly upset and alone, and offers empathy in a very friendly manner. There is nothing suspicious about this person as far as the child can tell. So, they fall for this trick and end up going some place with this new “friend” they have just made.

This type of person plays on the child’s need for empathy or attention. Like most of us, it feels good when we get the needed attention and our guard is down. We have to teach our kids to recognize this behavior and to steer clear from this kind of person.

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Another example that includes Friendly as well as “Cool” was depicted recently in the video that has gone viral on Facebook and other social media of the guy with a dog. This guy looks completely harmless and lures kids away by being friendly and cool because he has a cool dog and a great story on the dog’s name. This was simply a social experiment he conducted to see if kids would go with him willingly, or go ask their parents for permission.

These kids failed miserably. Watch for yourself!

This very situation is played out numerous times every year, by unsuspecting kids and unscrupulous adults. How to handle this situation is not something you can tell your kids once and expect them to remember it. They need to practice this over and over again for it to become second nature.

The rule is to remember that kids should never go anywhere with anyone they don’t know, or their parents don’t know, without the parent’s permission. The key element here is the “parent’s permission.” So, if the parents are not around to ask for permission, kids have to recognize that they must get out of this situation and find either their parents or a trusted adult.

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In our Journey of the Steal Proof Master presentation, we will explore all 10 evil warriors and the appropriate response to all of them. Click here for a two minute clip of a recent presentation.

Check our website, or for the next presentation date and time.

In addition to The Journey of The Steal Proof Master presentations, we will also be offering Kidz n’ Power, Mission Bully Proof, and Kidz n’ Power Bully Prevention (an Olweus approved program).

Do you have any questions about signing your child up for a safety class? Let us know below!

Stan Shields

Stan N. Shields is a 6th Degree Black Belt, three-time world champion, and has been teaching martial arts to kids and adults for over 23 years. You can contact him directly at

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