Child Safety with a Fun Twist – Journey of the Steal Proof Master

Eldred the wizard and his two young apprentices guide Richy, the “boy from the future,” on a magical journey that prepares him for his encounter with the ten evil warriors and their loathsome master. This inventive fairy tale is a stranger danger child safety educational adventure that helps children learn and respond appropriately to the ten most common lures used by child predators.

The Journey of the Steal Proof Master program is different from most other Stranger Danger programs in that it involves a fun 45 minute movie that the kids watch that explains the 10 evil warriors (10 most common lures) and how to recognize them for what they truly are. You see, when children encounter predators, it’s not what a person looks like, it’s the behavior they exhibit. At the conclusion of the program the kids are pretty good at recognizing all 10 evil warriors. I will be posting more information about our special 1.5 hour program coming up in the near future, but for now, let’s learn who the 10 evil warriors are. By the way we are now teaching these in all of our kids classes aged 5 and up.

Click here to see the trailer for the Journey of the Steal Proof Master video.


Who are the 10 Evil Warriors:


Journey of the Steal Proof Master

  • Gift-Giver
  • Friendly
  • Game Player
  • Helpless
  • Leader
  • Messenger
  • Magician
  • Promiser
  • Cool
  • Scary


Cool is someone that the kids think are cool. They can be considered cool for a variety of reasons. It could be that they look cool, have something that is considered cool, or do something that is considered cool. What might a 10 year old girl or boy think is cool? Most kids that age think that older teens are cool, and they look up to them. In this regard they may think it is safe to talk to them or go with them. A teen who rides a skateboard and/or a scooter could be considered cool.

Core Principles To Follow

There are a couple of core principles that we teach in our self-defense classes for both adults and kids. One of them is to use your intuition. If a situation feels weird or awkward, listen and get out of that situation as fast as you can. Our intuition is there as our warning system. Most of the time we will rationalize that a situation or a person is OK, and for us to not be judgmental. This is often a mistake. Be rational and judgmental if you get that feeling. It’s much better to be safe.

Getting Parental Permission

Another key principle for kids is to never go anywhere with anyone without a parent’s permission. We have to really strongly emphasize this point. Kids may think that it is OK because it is just down the street and not too far away. We have to emphasize that nowhere means anywhere. Parents should always be asked before going anywhere with an adult (or older teenager). Kids should also not trust someone they, or their parents, don’t know really well.

In the next blog post we will start at the top of the evil warrior list with the Gift-Giver. Be sure to check back often for more and please comment.

Stan Shields

Stan N. Shields is a 6th Degree Black Belt, three-time world champion, and has been teaching martial arts to kids and adults for over 23 years. You can contact him directly at

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